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We are the One-way Degassing Coffee Valve manufacturer for roasted coffee beans packaging for aroma protection. Our company manufactures and supply Coffee valves almost all over the world in countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc.....

Our valves has the following speciality...........
  • World’s first and only one nylon filter fitted valve. Other manufacturers use conventional paper filters. Paper filter can get damaged/spoiled while filling hot coffee.
  • Design of Model V-102 valve is unique so this degassing valve can work on any valve applicator machine like Pacific bag, Goglio, Wipf, fresco, etc. So no need to change any machine parts to use our valves.
  • Our valves can withstand heat sealing temperature gap {plus or minus temperature gap} very widely. So in excess heat finishing of valves or welding of valves with plastic bag is good and also in less heat, our valves are sealed with the plastic bag easily. This is due to modern plastomers added.
  • We have improved sealing time {less sealing time} in our valves. So we can increase the speed of the machine and can get maximum production. This is due to perfect blend of polymers.
  • Our quality control tests ensure consistent opening and closing pressure and periodic tests with fresh product are done on a routine basis to verify real life performance.
  • We can sell valves from minimum quantity 10000 valves and above. Thus we provide bare minimum quantity in this industry.
  • Our valves are food safe and approved by US FDA and EU food standards.
For further technical details please contact us.

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