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  • World's first nylon filter coffee one way degassing valve
  • Oxygen proof coffee one way degassing valve
  • Highest degassing performance of coffee valve
  • Precise opening & closing pressure control of coffee one way degassing valve
  • One way degassing coffee valve is easy to apply on machines
  • Sealing one way degassing coffee valve is more efficient

The coffee one way degassing valves (V-101) is especially suitable for bean coffee and ground coffee. The coffee one way degassing valve (V-101) effectively vents CO2 gas build-up while sealing-out environmental oxygen, moisture and contaminants. Our patented one-way degassing coffee valve (V-101) allows coffee to be packed immediately after roasting without the concern of coffee degradation. Freshly roasted coffee releases gas and continue to do so for upto 7 days. Our coffee one way degassing valve (V-101) will help release the gas while preventing air.

Installing our one way degassing coffee valves (V-101) is a must for coffee packaging. This allows roasters to pack freshley roasted coffee immediately without the worry of having the bag burst open due to trapped air.

Every one way degassing valve is tested to ensure highest performance. Quality control tests ensure consistent opening and closing pressure and periodic tests with fresh product are done on a routine basis to verify real life performance.

One Way Degassing Valve (V-101) Specifications


Coffee Valves

Sillicone Rubber
Valve body
Sillicone oil
Coffee Valves Characteristics
  • Outer Diameter 22.5 mm (+/- 0.5 mm)
  • Height 3.74 mm (+/- 0.05 mm)
  • Weight 0.866 g per Valve +/-5%
  • Opening pressure 2.0 - 6.0 mbar
  • Closing pressure 0.1 - 0.5 mbar
  • Sealing - Melting point of valve body :140'C
    Sealing range :150 - 190'C,depending
    on sealing time and sealing pressure
Coffee Valves Applications
  • Flexible packaging which requires aroma protection for roasted coffee.
  • Vacuum freezer bags - valve used to suck the air out of the freezer bags.
  • Pet food packaging - Expels air out of pet food packaging.
  • Fast food and takeaway packaging.
  • Used in containers that store explosives.
Storage Conditions
Tamperature range                                   From 10'C to 40'C
Humidity range                                          From 40% rh to 80% rh
The product should be stored in its original packaging out of direct sunlight . Excessive handling should be avoided
Working Conditions
Temperature range                                  From 10'c to 40'c
Humidity range                                          From 40% rh to 80% rh


One Way Degassing Valves (V-101) FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is coffee One Way Degassing valve ?

One way degassing coffee valves are vital to maximizing freshness by allowing freshley roasted coffee to degas in the package. Our patented one way degassing valves are industry proven to effectively and effectively vent CO2 gas build-up while sealing out environmental oxygen, moisture and contaminants.

  • Can the coffee valve customized to allow air to escape more quickly for larger package ?

We can also custom fabricate valves to meet specific requirements.

  • Can one way degassing coffee valves be used under water ?

We do not recommend that coffee one way degassing valves be used while immersed in water, but it will work under wet, humid conditions.

  • What is the purpose of silicon lubricant? How does the performance change without the silicon?

It is so that air will not come back in after a while. Most products packaged with valves are sensitive to oxygen and moisture, and the oil (silicone lubricant) ensures that it functions as a one way degassing valve.

  • How does your coffee one way degassing valve get applied ?

By valve applicator.


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